JumpStart Plus

The JumpStart Course Plus the Jumpstart Community

All the JumpStart learning plus the support of a community.

By guiding you through a series of hands-on projects, JumpStart Basic gives you the confidence and skills you need to make smart choices about the tech you use in your teaching.

JumpStart Plus is the exact same course, but it adds the support and accountability of a community: A cohort of students to work with, a schedule of deadlines to keep you on track, and a team of mentors to answer your questions along the way.

Let's start by looking at the course.

A Process-Based Approach

Tools come and go, and features constantly change. So instead of starting by looking for the right tool, it’s more effective to start with processes, specific ways of using technology that can be applied in a variety of classroom situations. Once you understand a process and how it can boost learning, you can explore the tools that put that process into action.

In this course, you will learn 10 key processes that can have an incredible impact on how you teach, how your students learn, how you collaborate and communicate with others, and the time it takes to do it all.

How the Course Works

You’ll start each module with a short reading assignment. This is where we explore the process, consider its instructional value, and look at how it can enhance learning in multiple ways.

Next, you’ll review your project checklist to understand the requirements of your hands-on project. For most projects, an advanced option has been added to offer extra challenge to those who master the process easily.

Then it’s time to dig into your hands-on project. You’ll watch a series of step-by-step video tutorials to learn how to do it.

When your project is complete, you’ll share it in a blog post. A sample blog, with all 10 modules complete, is provided to help you get a clear picture of what your final project should look like.

The JumpStart Community

With JumpStart Plus, you will work through the course alongside a cohort of other students. This will take place in our JumpStart community, a private online forum where you can ask questions, share ideas, and get support.

A course calendar will set deadlines for each module, so you stay on track and are more likely to finish the course. As you complete the modules, you'll have the opportunity to share finished projects with other members of your cohort. Seeing what educators in other content areas and grade levels are doing with the tools really helps expand your expertise with each process you learn.

The community forum provides a place for you to ask questions, find answers, and share the work you're doing. You and your cohort will have your own discussion board, and you'll have access to module-specific boards as well, so you can find the help you need quickly.

A team of JumpStart mentors will have an active presence in the community to make sure your questions get answered. These are fellow educators who have already completed the course and are excited to help you succeed.

There are no required meetings or additional tasks associated with JumpStart Plus: It simply adds a level of accountability and support to help you get the most out of the course.

How Cohorts Work

When you enroll in this course, you will be placed into a cohort. During your cohort's 6-week course calendar, you will work through the modules on a schedule and will share your own discussion group within the JumpStart community.

The course will only be open during the enrollment periods listed below. Between the enrollment periods, the course will be closed to new students.

2018 Cohorts

January Cohort
Course Calendar: January 2 - February 13
Enrollment period: December 10-31, 2017

March Cohort
Course Calendar: March 1 - April 12
Enrollment period: February 11-27, 2018

June Cohort
Course Calendar: June 1 - July 15
Enrollment period: May 13-30, 2018

July Cohort
Course Calendar: July 8 - August 19
Enrollment period: June 17-July 5, 2018

October Cohort
Course Calendar: October 1 - November 12
Enrollment period: September 16-29, 2018

I haven't stopped talking about this course since I began! I'm so proud of my new website and so pleased with what I have accomplished that my family keeps teasing me for bragging about all the new skills I have learned.

Nancy Dunlap
High School English Teacher
Lake Elsinore, CA

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much again for letting me take this course! I have learned a ton of new information from you all and can't wait to continue to use it in my classroom. I've developed more patience with working with technology before implementing it for sure. I really enjoyed this process!

Daniel Hoilett
4th Grade Teacher
Taylors, SC

I feel more confident implementing technology after taking this course. I was pretty savvy in some apps and programs, but this course gave me different skills that I wanted to obtain but never sought out on my own.

Emily Bourque
Business and Journalism Teacher
Lafayette, LA

I have always been intrigued by the novelty for students; however, I didn't want them lost in the tools disregarding the content or intent. This course keeps the perspective that we first focus on what we want students to do and then think about the most effective engaging way to do that without losing sight of original intent.

Tiffany Trevenen
4th Grade Teacher
Craig, CO

See what more past JumpStart educators say here.

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What's Inside

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course itself is completely self-paced and all course materials will be available as soon as you enroll. In JumpStart Plus, you'll have the option to work through the modules on a schedule of deadlines that is set over a 6-week session. You'll also share this journey with a cohort inside our online community. Enrollment for each session is open for about two weeks before the session starts, and your schedule, along with access to the community, will be sent to you a few days before the start of your 6-week session.
What happens after I enroll?
You will get immediate access to all course materials as soon as you enroll. You can get started right away on those! In JumpStart Plus, you will also be assigned to a 6-week session that starts soon after you enroll. A few days before that session's start date, you'll be sent a session calendar and information about how to access the JumpStart Community, where you can meet your fellow cohort members and start working on the course side by side.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like, across any and all devices you own. Your course session--the calendar of deadlines you'll follow with your cohort--is set for six weeks, but you will have access to the JumpStart community even after this session is over.
Is this course run by an instructor?
Although JumpStart is a self-paced online course, which means you don't get grades, have scheduled class times, or meet directly with an instructor, JumpStart Plus offers the JumpStart Community, where you will work through the modules alongside a cohort of other students, and where you can get questions answered by a team of JumpStart mentors.
Can I get PD credit for this course?
Because every district has different criteria for awarding professional development credit, we are not able to issue any kind of universally recognized credit for this course. We do, however, issue a certificate of completion for those who can demonstrate that they have completed all required work for all 10 modules; we check your completed blog carefully before issuing this certificate. The certificate indicates that 40 hours of work were completed--this refers to 40 regular hours of time, not credit hours. This certificate does NOT guarantee that you will be granted credit by your district; you will need to submit the certificate to your district for approval.
Do I need to purchase the Teacher's Guide to Tech with this course?
No. An earlier version of this course used the Teacher's Guide to Tech as its textbook, but that is no longer the case. All the information and reading materials you need to complete the course modules are already included in the course. If you want a copy of the Teacher's Guide to Tech, you will need to purchase it separately.
I am not currently teaching. Will I still get something out of this course?
Absolutely!! All of the projects are created for teachers to do with their students in mind, but anyone without an actual class can easily do the projects for a "theoretical" class. Teacher educators, administrators, retired teachers, pre-service teachers and those who are on a break from the classroom will get just as much from this course as a current classroom teacher.
I would like to take this course with a group. Do you offer multi-user discounts?
Yes! Course licenses can be purchased in batches of 5 or 10 at discounted rates. A single person would make the purchase for the group, then we will issue you a coupon code for the remaining licenses; your classmates can then use that code to enroll for free.
I am a teacher educator. Can I use this course to teach my students?
JumpStart would be an outstanding way to teach pre-service teachers how to effectively integrate technology into their instruction. To use this as part of your curriculum, have each student enroll separately in the course, then assign the modules however you like. University students enrolled in a teacher preparation course are eligible for a discounted rate; contact us at support@cultofpedagogy.com and we will arrange a course-specific coupon code just for your students.
Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes! Please email us through the "contact us" link below to arrange this. When you do, let us know how many licenses you're interested in so we can give you an exact quote for your purchase order.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We want you to feel good about making this investment in your professional growth. If the course does not meet your expectations, contact us at support@cultofpedagogy.com within 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a full refund.
How is JumpStart Plus different from JumpStart Basic?
The content of both courses is exactly the same. The only difference is that in JumpStart Plus, you will work through the course on a calendar with a cohort, and you'll have access to our online community and our JumpStart Mentors.

Your Instructor

Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez

After spending over 11 years in the classroom, both at the K-12 level and the college level, I created my website, Cult of Pedagogy, to be a place where teachers could fully geek out on teaching. Since 2013, I've been researching and sharing effective teaching practices, exploring the social and emotional stuff that impacts our work, sampling the tech tools that help us along the way, and looking inside real classrooms to learn from teachers who are thinking outside the box.

Now I've created the Cult of Pedagogy Classroom as a place where teachers can focus on improving specific skills in a self-paced environment.

This course is not open for enrollment.

For Administrators

If you are an administrator interested in learning more about this course, or you are a teacher who would like to have your administrator consider purchasing this course for staff members, download our course overview.

Questions? Contact us here.